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Doctor Sleep 'sleeps' at the Box Office

Doctor Sleep unfortunately fell asleep at the box office this weekend with a poor $14 million gross over its opening weekend in the States.

Despite being a well. crafted, engaging film with positive reviews it hasn't caught on with audiences.

How could this have happened? Could it be that it has been too long since the release of The Shining in 1980? I doubt it, as we have had successful sequels such as Halloween last year which was an even longer gap between the original film.

We also have to factor in that the Joker is still going strong, but, the main reason I believe is that it didn't release in time for Halloween.

In the UK Doctor Sleep was released on the 31st October, but it didn't reach US theatres until the 8th of November. Not releasing Doctor Sleep in the US in time for Halloween is a very strange move and may have contributed to it's poor box office takings.

Overall, this is dissapointing news for fans of The Shining, and horror in general.

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